Mar 19 – 22, 2025
Europe/Zagreb timezone


The First Croatian Conference on Earthquake Engineering (1CroCEE), held on the first anniversary of the 2020 Zagreb earthquake, was a ''gamechanger'' in Croatia in terms of raising the level of knowledge, connecting experts (promoting international cooperation) and maintaining a high level of risk awareness following the earthquakes that struck central Croatia twice in one year. It emerged in the response to the need for reconstruction and as a conclusion to the many post-earthquake activities. The conference was a great success gathering more than 700 researchers, practicing engineers and architects, government representatives, students and others from 26 countries.

The Second Croatian Conference on Earthquake Engineering (2CroCEE), held on the third anniversary of the 2020 Zagreb earthquake, enforced a continuous and decisive ''play with earthquakes'' in a small and vulnerable country like Croatia. Conference was used for establishing a new tradition where earthquakes are not forgotten (even if they do not occur very often) and where knowledge is passed on to new generations. Over 300 participants seized unique opportunity for technical visits to the earthquake-affected areas and reconstruction sites in Zagreb and Petrinja.

The Third Croatian Conference on Earthquake Engineering (3CroCEE), planned on the fifth anniversary of the 2020 Zagreb earthquake, with the aim to ’’reload'' sharing knowledge and ''reunion'' in raising awareness of the largest threat/risk to Croatia. The most beautiful places are usually also exposed to the highest risks. Dalmatian cities (including Split) are typical examples - extremely rich in cultural heritage and infinitely beautiful and attractive for living, but with many traditional buildings of high seismic vulnerability. One of the main goals of the conference is to promote state-of-the-art research and to implement knowledge and experience into prevention activities (minimising the casualties and damage). This is a real test of the lessons learned from the 2020 earthquakes in Zagreb and Petrinja, and a test of the level of seismic risk awareness for preventive measures. Do we have to wait for an earthquake in this part of Croatia or can we try to shake Split with knowledge?

Join us at 3CroCEE to (re)shake Croatia (Split) with knowledge and anchor a new tradition of reconstructing the past for a resilient future.



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